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You have a Property Manager, but what if your Property Manager needs managing?


Recently we took over the managements of 5 properties because the owner felt there wasn’t enough communication between himself and his property manager. The history was that these 5 properties had been through 2 different property management companies over the course of 8 years and now the paperwork was on my desk nominating us as the property managers. 3rd time lucky! I arranged to inspect the properties along with 1 of our property managers, and send through the inspection reports and recommendations for each property to the owner.


Upon arrival to 3 of the 5 properties which share the same section, aside from the lawns on the ground being long, it seemed there was also long grass growing out of the gutters of 2 of the properties. It seemed some maintenance had been overlooked for sometime. Myself and the property manager inspected all 3 properties, taking numerous photos, and many notes on the condition and state of the properties. None of the properties were at the standard that we expect our rentals to be at. The inspections were sent to the owner along with a phone call to discuss them in further detail.


The owner was so surprised that his properties, 2 of which were under 10 years old, had deteriorated so much, he was not happy, as expected. He was however grateful that finally he had received such detailed inspection reports, recommendations and prompt follow up to have these issues addressed. Having had 2 previous property management companies take care of his properties and no feedback as to the condition of his properties, he assumed, as any landlord would, that all was good.


Which begs the question; how do you know what standard of care you should be receiving from your property manager? How do you know the inspection reports you are receiving are of the best standard and mention all the recommendations that you need? You would naturally assume that all that could be done when managing your property is being done. But it seems that’s not the case with all, as with this situation.


At LJ Hooker we’ve decided to offer for FREE* a one off detailed inspection report for any landlords out there that we don’t currently manage so you can compare with what you currently receive, so we can prove the standard of which we work at. What better way to put your property manager and their services to the test! If you are a private landlord, you too can take advantage of this offer.


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*This offer is limited to properties in the Gisborne area and 20km surrounds.